Crotone Kitchens Inc. is a family owned business with 10 members from 2 generations of the family participating in ownership and/or day to day management activities.

The company is steadfast in its commitment to the development, production and distribution of quality wood products meeting local and global needs. Price competitiveness while providing adequate profits for research, reinvestment, employee training and compensation is a Crotone Kitchens focus. The Company is committed to fair and equal employment practices and respectful treatment of employees, partners, customers and the environment.


Crotone Kitchens has a formal mission statement displayed throughout its facilities as a daily reminder of its commitment to its clients and employees:

  • We are committed to the development, production and distribution of kitchen cabinets, doors, flooring, contract furniture and lumber for the global market.
  • We wish to be recognized for our commitment to quality and our expertise.
  • We aim for the highest level of client satisfaction.
  • We offer stylish products designed to meet consumer needs and expectations at competitive prices.
  • We adhere to principles of hard work, mutual respect, commitment, teamwork and the professional development of all our employees.